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Player Evaluation Policy

Player evaluations will typically occur in June, prior to school getting out, for the fall season. These evaluations assist coaches and the Board in determining what level of play (divisional level) teams should be formed at, and how many at each. All players are encouraged to attend player evaluations if they are held for your age group. Due to the number of children registered in RYS, player evaluations are typically only necessary for the U10 and U12 age groups.

Evaluations will rate players on a scale of 1 to 5:

  • 1 – Excels

  • 2 – Above Average

  • 3 – Average

  • 4 – Below Average

  • 5 – Developing

Evaluations will rate players in the following categories:

  • Foot Skills – Ball control; comfort with the ball

  • Passing & Receiving – Receiving; passing; dribbling; finishing

  • Shooting – accuracy, power

  • Tactical / Defense – Positioning, attack, counter attack; Ability to anticipate, read, and execute certain clues that happen during possession and non-possession of the ball. Off-the-ball runs; offering support; combination plays; peripheral vision; penetration vision; decisions of whether to dribble, shield, pass, or run; when to intercept passes; when to mark tightly; when to tackle; patience on defense; counter-attacking.”

  • Psychological – Coachable; desire; attitude; drive; aggressiveness; determination; responsibility; leadership; self-confidence; mental toughness; coach-ability. Include here any issues with the player that could be specific to your coaching style, including personality issues.

  • Physical – Fitness; endurance; speed; agility; strength; power

  • Preferred Position – What position the player feels most comfortable playing

  • Goalie – Skill; desire

Evaluation information will be held in confidence, and will not be shared to anyone not involved in drafting a team. 

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