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Age Groupings & Move Up Policy

As stated in the RYS Bylaws, for the fall playing season, players shall be grouped by age / grade per MAYSL, MAYS and USYSA recommendations, by, utilizing the Mass Youth Soccer’s age group chart available here: For the most up to date age groupings visit the Mass Youth Soccer Page and look for the age groupings for the current season under the Administration Tab.

The Player Agent will ensure that each player should play in the age group appropriate to his or her grade AND birth date cut off listed on the Mass Youth Soccer’s Age Group Chart. Exceptions will only be made at the benefit of RYS and must be approved by the Board in Executive Session and closed to the general public. Executive Session for this purpose can be held in meeting, conference call or email as decided by the Board. Requests must be made in writing (email is considered writing) to the Board no later than July 15 and approved by the League of participation and/or the Player Agent, and the Board in a closed-door meeting. If the player has a parent on the Board, then that parent shall be excused from the process.

The Board will consider the recommendations of the (releasing and receiving) Age Group Coordinators; (releasing and receiving) coaches; and Board members who have observed the player’s level of play. All decisions to permit a player to play in a different age group are guided by the following principles:

  • Playing in a higher age group allows the player to play with his/her classmates

  •  The player would not be allowed to develop their skills properly in their assigned age group

  •  The player’s physical size is significantly different from the other players in the age group and playing that player in their assigned group would cause a safety issue for either the player himself/herself, or the other players in the age group

  •  Playing up would have a detrimental impact on the competitiveness or ability to field a team in the player’s Age Group

  •  There is a need in the higher age group for additional players to satisfy roster requirements

A Playing Up request will only be considered if space is available in the age group the player wishes to move to. No player registered before the registration deadline will be prevented from playing to accommodate a player playing up. The Board is not under obligation to move a player up, and as such, players may not be offered a spot on a team in the next higher age group. The Board is not required to give an explanation on why the decision to not move a player up was made, even if that player had been asked to participate in the higher age levels player evaluations. The player’s participation within the correct age group will not be affected.

Approved: 2018
Updated: June 24, 2021

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