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Rutland Youth Soccer

Game Day Responsibilities

A schedule will be released prior to the start of each season assigning the first coach of the day at each field the responsibility of setting up the field, and the last coach of the day the responsibility of closing down the field. Don’t worry coaches, it’s not as bad as it sounds. 

Setting Up – First Game of the Day

  • Walk the field and thoroughly inspect the grounds to ensure there are no items left on the field that would risk injury to a player, i.e. broken glass, cans, sharp objects, other trash.
  • Set appropriate corner flags in place. Corner flags are located in the shed at each field.
  • Place home and away benches on the sidelines for each team to use.
  • Place first aid kit halfway between the benches where the referee will place their belongings.
  • Make sure that the sandbags are positioned on top of the bars at rear, and if available, on the sides of the goal. From time to time the town must remove the sandbags for mowing and line spraying.
  • Make sure that the goal is properly lined up in the goal box.

Closing Down – Last Game of the Day

  • Walk the field looking for trash left behind and deposit any trash in an appropriate trash barrel near the field. 
  • Remove flags and return to the shed. 
  • Remove home and away benches and return to the shed.
  • Return first aid kit to the shed.

NOTE: If you notice any wear or damage to field equipment, or vandalism, please contact the Field Coordinator immediately after your game or practice.

Lining the Fields

In order to keep the fields well maintained, and allow the players and referee's to see the field of play, lines at each field must be painted weekly. It is the coach's responsibility to make sure the lines are painted, but you do not have to be the ones that actually paint the lines. You can seek parent volunteers from your team. A schedule will come out at the beginning of each season indicating which dates and fields each coach is assigned to.

Fields should be painted on Thursday night. Friday is acceptable if it rains or at the very latest early Saturday morning.

Coaches can assign to a parent but it is the COACH responsibility to ensure field is lined.

Community Center fields can be lined well but only in one direction.

Glenwood Elementary can be lined in one direction.

ALL other fields should be lined in both directions. That means 2 coats of paint per lining.

Elementary School field can't be lined before 3pm.

CTMS and Naquag fields can be lined after 5:00pm. Ensure not to interfere with field hockey games. 

Please leave the empty paint cans in the sheds as they will be removed over the weekend.

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